Hi, I’m Craig Johnson…

I am a professional storyteller based in Louisville, KY. Stories are the language of the soul. They speak to us in ways that facts and figures do not. My job is to find great stories and tell them in ways that inspire action. My desire is to show how the worst parts of a story, the greatest challenges and biggest failures, can become the best parts. I have nearly two decades of professional experience speaking with varied audiences of dozens to thousands. Let’s tell some stories!

Just trying to tell a good story with my life.

My wife Sarah and I moved to Louisville, a city we had never been to, for one reason… After over a decade of experience in Copenhagen, Denmark & in Arkansas we took “the leap” to start a culture-shaping non-profit in a brand new city – at first, it bombed. From that point on we have endeavored to tell our story to other start-ups and organizations who are trying to not just make a living but to make a difference. We have two (soon-to-be three) amazing kids.

The Rule of Three: A Productivity Tool

Doing more things, faster, is not a substitute for doing the right things. That is where this tool comes into play. The Rule of Three is a productivity tool developed through years of trial and error. This is not about getting more things done, it is about getting the right things done. It is a simplified process to focus our time and energy on the things that are the MOST IMPORTANT and bring the GREATEST RETURN to our day, week, month, and year.

A Case Study in Failure & Hope

This is for those who been knocked down & counted out, for those who began chasing after a dream only to have it begin to fall a part. Through the inspirational story of Hope Culture we will look at the cost of pursuing a dream and encourage every person to look at what it really means to live for something greater than ourselves.

Let’s Start the Conversation…

Simplify your life. Lead through strengths. Always add value. Change your world.