The Fool’s Errand

There are a few basic thoughts that I believe are true about the human spirit. For example, I believe every single person wants to be a part of something significant (something bigger than themselves). I also believe that not one person wants to look like an fool.
However, when we aggressively pursue something that is truly bigger than ourselves, inevitably we will look like a fool.


A few years ago, I bought a shed from a local big-box store. As soon as I got back home I started unpacking all six boxes and organizing the pieces in neat piles all over my backyard. After I had unpacked everything, I realized something… the walls didn’t match. Frantically, I looked around… the ceilings didn’t match, nor did the flooring. I had just spent the last few hours organizing pieces to different sheds (and now I had to put them back to return them)!

We’ve all had moments where we should have looked before we leaped, tested the water before we jumped in, measured twice before we cut, or read the instructions before we started. (But this is NOT the type of foolishness I’m referring to.)

I love this video, I know it’s a little funny and weird, but I think it’s a great illustration in the foolishness of innovation. If we are really going to pursue something that is much bigger than ourselves, at some point, we will look really foolish. Other people may not understand why we are doing what we’re doing but then something amazing happens… Someone else joins in! Someone else puts themselves out there and starts to look like a fool with you!

Not only does someone else join in, but soon more and more people start joining in the dance until a movement is born. That’s the thing about ideas and innovation. While at first it may seem a little “out there”, if you dance long enough to gather a crowd, soon you will have a full blown movement on your hands.

The scariest thing I have ever done is put myself out there. In 2013, my family and I moved to a city we had never been to in order to start a brand new church. We came with nothing – no money, no team, and did not know a soul (I didn’t even have a Facebook friend here). I just started dancing and didn’t know if anyone would join in. What started with one seemingly, foolish idea, has now turned into a MOVEMENT.

Have you ever put yourself out there like that? What was your experience? 

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